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 - SEMEL LTD                                      

 - Dr. Pedic

 - Ba-Kal

 - Ordos Technologies

 - Levy Quality

 - Seeds depot





We appreciate and thank you in advance for your decision to give us your precious time to visit us. We have the goal of providing you, the customers from all sectors (private, business and institutional), the Web solutions required on your part, in any form, and match them to your needs.

Over the years, we have created many sites to small bodies, medium and large. We have been specialized in building various sites, (and in different budgets): concept, content, e-commerce (shops), content management, mini sites, landing pages, clearing credit cards, portals, promotion and support.


Pookh Internet

Address: 47 Beeri st., Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel: +972-3-5441589

Mobile: Motky Sherubini - +972-54-4778707

Email: motky at pookh.co.il












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